Candy Coated

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The most wonderful time of the year....

So I started grad school last week. This is my second week of classes. My semesters are 8 weeks long, so really, I'm 1/4 thru the semester. :)
I am in the Communications and Information Management program at Bay Path. I got my BA here about 4 years ago. Jeez, being back on this campus brings back so many memories! Such a nostalgic feeling to be here and watch students running around, coming out of classes, meeting up with each other on the lawn, walking to the dining hall, checking their mail, working in the computer labs. Four years of my life was spent doing the same exact things, in the same exact places. It's so strange how I feel like such a visitor in their home when this was my home for so long. I do notice that a lot more girls were actual clothes- versus pajamas- than did when I was here.
The campus is so so so beautiful. I can't say that I appreciated nearly as much as I should have when I was here. I'm grateful to be back. I did receive a good education here and I am excited to start school again. I love academia. I love the stress of papers due, reading assignments- I love being able to say, "Ugh, I have so much work to do!" I love the feeling of finishing the paper I never thought I'd be able to start. I love being prepared for class and handing in assignments. I always anxiously await my grades, I always have. I NEVER skipped a class in which we were expected to get grades back. I love participating in class discussions. I love finally understanding the point that the professor has been trying to make. I love when someone asks the same question that I was about to ask. I love answering a question and having the professor's face light up and then hearing them say, "YES!" I love saying "I'm going back to school."
In two years, I'll be done. Where will I be, what will I do? I don't know. Hmmm...