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Monday, June 11, 2007

Because I think entries with pictures are more fun: The boys, having a romantic dinner...
Sarah singing in the car.

These my pretty ladies out on the town while I was at work. Sad.

sooooo.... this weekend was pretty slow and mellow. Which was great, I'm still tired today though, but refreshed. I did alot of scrapbooking yesterday. I had this idea- there is a new scrapping challenge blog where every week, there is a new "one little word" that you have to make a layout too. I liked the idea, so I was wondering how they come up with the words. (The words so far have been "go" and "stop," which aren't that hard to come up with, but whatever.) So I googled a random word generator, and actually found one. And you can put in what kind of word (verb, noun, etc.) and it's complexity (very common, uncommon, etc.) So, I just generated a bunch of words and wrote them all down. Then, I my typical fashion, I carried this little sticky note with about 40 words written in tiny handwriting around in my purse for about 3 weeks.

But alas, this weekend, I made a "words" album. I covered an ugly 8X8 scrapbook in awesome paper covered with quotes and stuff and started scrapping. I cut up all the words (on that little tattered sticky note) and picked on, thought about it a bit and blew through the pages!

So far I scrapped:

That's a lot! And it's so fun- I am so excited to pick my next word, and it's so inspiring!!! My mind swirls and has all these ideas, and after a few minutes, I decide on one and the pages starts to take shape in my head. Scrapbooking has NEVER been like this for me before. It's pretty awesome!


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