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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

let freedom ring! and earring!

i got this ring today from a guy who was selling them in our store at work. i am excited that a ring this big fits my chubby fingers. I also wanted to get a shot on my nail polish. Notice the different colors? I was at Michelle's last night and I was trying on all her different polish, and so I am at work today with 5 different shades of barbie pink in my nails. I didn't want to remove it this morning though, I actually like it. Plus, it reminds me of her, and she needs someone to be thinking about her and sending her nice thoughts these days.

ok. i also got these earrings. I just went to the store to get a magazine. ugh. The story of my life. But I know if I didn't get them I'd be thinking about them and thinking about them and thinking about them. Plus, I haven't had any buyer's remorse yet.


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