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Sunday, February 26, 2006

I <3 SVU

Holy crap! I'm home on a Sunday. That never happens.
I hope there is a Law and Order: SVU marathon on today. That would make this day perfect!

So dinner last night got cancelled.... :D I did some watercolor pencil painting and then I got bored. I am trying to make 3 cute, colorful, fun fish prints for the cape. I wanted my sister to draw them, she actually draws really well and her drawings have that kid touch that make them extra cute, but she hasn't made them yet. I think she just has to be inspired to draw, she can't be directed. She is very diva.

So I think my next mission will be to knit. I have no idea how, but I crocheted a little bit in college and it was fun. Knitting is supposed to be better though. It seems you can make some pretty good/useful things on your first or second tries of knitting. But crocheting bored me after a while, usually 1/2 way through a project, so knitting probably would too.

I just joined the rest of the human race and attempted getting my myspace site up and running. It is very depressing because I only have one friend! :( It is so sad to see that, in huge letters right on the page... Lindsay has one friend! Great, thanks for rubbing it in myspace.

ssssiiiiigggghhhh.... I'm bored. Oh yea, that's why I never stay home...


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