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Friday, June 08, 2007

my knight showed up in a shiny blue corolla

So Paris Hilton is going back to jail. I feel a little bad, it's just that bizarre sympathy I feel for the guilty that always makes me think I should have been a criminal attorney.

Anyhoo- things are going pretty good for me right now. I have some male companion prospects which is always exciting. I was starting to think I walked out on the only one who would have me. But, I guess I was wrong.

I wish I was one of those girls who didn't care- like, my roommate, or my friend from college- they can be like, "Ew. He called me twice today. Stalker- so over it." I, on the other hand, am like, "CAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" I am very bad at the whole "playing hard to get game." It's only because if I enjoy spending time with someone, I want to spend time with him. If I can do without him anyway, I do without and I don't waste my time.

I am a very bad faker- so if I am not interested, you know. My eyes glaze over, I can't listen even if I force myself- it's a bad habit. I am trying to work on my listening skills, even if, god forbid, whoever I'm talking to is not totally entertaining me at the time.

Another thing, I am at that age (actually I've been at "that age" for a while) were if I think someone is attractive, I have to glance down to see a if there is a ring. (sidenote: I'm actually now at "that age" were I could get lucky and they are already getting divorced, but that's besides the point) But what is up with this, guys who sweep you off your feet, for a night, or a weekend, or on an ongoing funny-ive-run-into-you-again type situation- where you laugh, and talk, and share, and start to crush-on, and maybe even kiss- or something. And come to find out, they are engaged? OK, this has happened to me 3 times since last summer. And everytime my heart drops a little, not because I was in love, but because it's a blow. And it's such a surprise, because these guys aren't big jerky jerks. They are nice, and smart and funny- and not players! That's why I think guys should wear engagment rings too. It's only fair. Plus, that way it would be alot easier for girls to propose if they wanted, because they could by a ring too. Eat that DeBeers, this could be a revolution. Bigger than the "right hand ring."

But, as far as the whole guy thing. I am in a pretty good place right now. Getting over the seemingly unget-over-able, meeting some nice people. (well, one I found out has a girlfriend, one may have a girlfriend, and one's kind of a jerk, but in a I-want-to-makeout-with-you-because-you're-a-big-sexy-jerk-who's-nice-to-me-sometimes kind of way.) But still, it's nice to be out there. I still get phone calls from Mr. Seemingly UNget-over-able, but now, rather then spraining my ankle and stubbing my toe in an frantic effort not to miss his call, if find myself pressing ignore, or thinking to myself, "ugh. what now." So, I think that's a good sign. I know it's not cold turkey, but I'm just not that kind of girl. I need to wean myself off the drug.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you are excellent at getting what you want! you have this little voice that always worked on me!


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