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Thursday, April 26, 2007


All day today I've felt like it's Friday. It's a little off-putting because, um, it's not, it's Thursday. It's not like one of those great days when you feel like it's Thursday, but it's Friday. You know how GREAT that feels? Imagine that, opposite.

little emails, because i'm bored at work.

my feet, bored at work.

me, bored at work.
I think I'm getting a little anxious because I am going to Florida on Satuday! YAY! I hope I lose 20 lbs on the plane. hmmm... it's that possible? I doubt it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just died laughing about that 20 lbs on the plane remark. that just SOUNDS like something you would say.

i'm pretty sure you'll lose it. flying over florida is like a time warp where anything is possible i think.


12:27 PM  

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