Candy Coated

Thursday, April 26, 2007


All day today I've felt like it's Friday. It's a little off-putting because, um, it's not, it's Thursday. It's not like one of those great days when you feel like it's Thursday, but it's Friday. You know how GREAT that feels? Imagine that, opposite.

little emails, because i'm bored at work.

my feet, bored at work.

me, bored at work.
I think I'm getting a little anxious because I am going to Florida on Satuday! YAY! I hope I lose 20 lbs on the plane. hmmm... it's that possible? I doubt it.


don't get a hair cut before work while wearing a white sweater. The only worse then pet hair on a black sweater is your own hair on a white sweater. EW.
long live sticky lint remover rolls.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

let freedom ring! and earring!

i got this ring today from a guy who was selling them in our store at work. i am excited that a ring this big fits my chubby fingers. I also wanted to get a shot on my nail polish. Notice the different colors? I was at Michelle's last night and I was trying on all her different polish, and so I am at work today with 5 different shades of barbie pink in my nails. I didn't want to remove it this morning though, I actually like it. Plus, it reminds me of her, and she needs someone to be thinking about her and sending her nice thoughts these days.

ok. i also got these earrings. I just went to the store to get a magazine. ugh. The story of my life. But I know if I didn't get them I'd be thinking about them and thinking about them and thinking about them. Plus, I haven't had any buyer's remorse yet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

since i've been gone...

you can breathe for the first time!!

OK, so I started reading all these people's blogs and it's pretty interesting and I decided to write in mine again, because even if no one ever reads it, at least I do and it's fun to read stuff after you wrote it. Anyway, see the problem is, I have so much fun reading everyone else's blogs, but I never know what to write in mine.